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New Beaver’s Bend Marina Flyover Video

Beaver’s Bend Marina FAQ’s


Important facts:

  • There are no restrooms on the lake, on the docks, or in the store. Have your party use the restroom before coming to the marina, or use the ones by the parking lot, before coming down to the dock.
  • The docks at Beavers Bend Marina are private property and not part of Beavers Bend or Hochatown State Parks. Please understand that when you are on the docks you are on property leased by the boat owners who have slips here. Be respectful of their property.
  • There is no fishing from the docks at Beavers Bend Marina.
  • Beavers bend Marina does not accept American Express
  • DO NOT exceed the stated capacity of the boat you rent
  • DO NOT take your rental boat to shore
  • You must be 21 years of age to rent a boat or jet-ski. You must also have a valid driver’s license.

 What fees can be charged on my rental?

            Environmental Fees—these cover the costs associated with regulations and operating our public business in a state and federal park. They are a fixed cost for each rental totaling $44.00.

            Pet Fees—you love your dogs, and we do too. Unfortunately we have some pet owners who allow them to tear holes in our seat cushions and leave hair (and other deposits) in our boats. This is a fixed charge of $50 for any rental with pets.

            Cleaning Fees—we expect normal wear and tear and use of our boats. Please clean up your group’s trash. If a boat is returned needing extra cleaning, vacuuming, etc. the charge is $25.

            Accessory Rental—we have tubes ($25), water-skis ($20), wakeboards ($30), and kneeboards ($30) available for rent with your boat. This is a fixed rate no matter the length of your rental. All of our boats will pull tubes or kneeboards. A ski, wakeboard, or deck boat is needed to pull a skier.

            Late Return—Please return your boat to Beavers Bend Marina at the time specified in your contract. Often there will be another family waiting to use your boat. If you wish to extend your rental call the marina 30 minutes before the end time to verify availability. Failure to return your boat as agreed will result in charges for the extra time plus a $150 penalty.

            Cancellation—please let us know as early as possible if you cannot make your scheduled rental. There is no cancellation fee more than 24 hours in advance; a $25 fee within 24 hours; a $75 fee within one hour; and you will be charged the full $250.00 deposit for a no-show.

What about weather?

            If there is lightning on the lake we will not let boats go out and ask you to come back to the marina if you are on the lake. If it is raining on the lake you may cancel without penalty. Please call the marina before cancelling or not showing up for your reservation. Our weather often is very localized and it may be raining at your cabin and nice weather on the lake. If your rental is shortened due to weather you will only pay for the time that you are out on your boat.

Are life jackets provided?

            Life jackets are provided for people of all sizes for all rentals. All children aged 12 and under MUST wear a life jacket at all times. All people, adults or children MUST wear life jackets on jet skis, tubes, skis, kneeboards, or wakeboards. We will fit jet ski riders with life jackets and adult life jackets already are on all boats. Children will be individually fitted. Our life jackets range from infant/toddler (0-30#) to adult 60” chest.

How many people can get on my boat?

            Your boat is limited to the capacity stated in the boat description. A 7 passenger ski boat is allowed 7 TOTAL people no matter what age. A 16 passenger pontoon must not have more than 16 total people on it, even including infants. This is a legal requirement and you will lose your $250 deposit if we see more than the allowed number of people on board.

What about food and drinks?

            No glass containers are allowed on Broken Bow Lake

            No alcohol in excess of 3.2% by weight

            There is no cooking, fires or grills on our boats

            You may bring coolers, drinks, snacks, etc. to your heart’s content

            The Ship’s Store on the dock sells sandwiches, beer, drinks, snacks, ice, other essentials

Do I need a fishing license?

            All Oklahoma fish and game regulations apply on Broken Bow Lake. These may be found at

            All Oklahoma residents over the age of 16 and nonresidents over the age of 14 must purchase a license. Nonresidents may purchase a one day ($15), 6 day ($35), or annual ($55) license at several local businesses. Beavers Bend Marina does not sell fishing licenses.

Do you sell bait?

            We do not sell tackle or live bait. Several area businesses on highway 259 do.

Tell me about the deposit.

            There is a deposit of $250 on all boat and jet-ski rentals. There is a deposit of $800 on rental of the houseboat or 12 passenger deck and wakeboard boats. The deposit is per watercraft rented. For example if you rent a boat and two jet-skis the deposit will total $750.

            The deposit is a guarantee of funds being available in the event of damage. When you arrive to rent your watercraft, an authorization will be run on your credit card ensuring that funds are available for the amount of your rental, an allowance for fuel, and the deposit. When you bring the boat or jet-ski back in we fill the gas tank and charge you for the rental plus the fuel you have used. The unused part of the authorization is released. Depending upon your credit card issuer or bank the authorization may take up to 48 hours to be released. Beaver Bend Marina releases the hold immediately upon payment of the charge in our store.

Can I Pay Cash?

            Yes. A credit or debit card must be available for the deposit. You can pay cash at the time of your rental and run only the deposit on your card. When the watercraft is returned you will only have to pay for fuel.

Can we split the payment between people?

            You are free to share costs for your rental however you wish. We ask that only one person be responsible for the rental itself. We can accept one cash payment and one credit card payment per rental.

Beavers Bend Marina and Broken Bow Lake is WAY Cool! Gotta go there!

Beavers Bend Marina and Broken Bow Lake is a very cool place. And it’s close to DFW!